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Our School

Let me tell you about our school. Our school is SMA X. It is located at X. It is builded on X. SMA X is very interesting because it has many achievment and it is one of the school that receive the Adiwiyata achievment. Adiwiyata is an achievment that given at national standard. It is one of the best school in our town.
Our school is very big, beautiful, and clean. It has a very beautiful garden with many kinds of plant. It has a large basketball field in the middle and 21 classrooms to study. It has 5 kind of laboratories for chemistry, biology, physics, language, and computer. The library is near the Teachers room. The library is very clean and has a lot of science books. SMA X has three art rooms, there are music room, fine art room, and dance room. The students parking area is in the left of the school and the teachers parking area is in the right of the school. The canteen is in the behind of the school. It is the students most special place to have a good time.
SMA X has strict rules, if the students or teachers make a mistake, usually the head master give them a point. So the students and the Teachers in our school is very discipline and smart. Our school has many kind extracuriculer, such us PMR, KIR, Pramuka, Multimedia, and etc. Extracuriculer can make students develope their talent.
SMA X is the interesting and beautiful school. This school make we happy and enjoy. The class room is very neat, clean, and comfortable to have a lesson. The teachers in our school is very smart and fun. We always proud with this school. I hope our school always be the best school in our town and get many achievment.
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